Classroom Spotlight

JROTC students simulated repair of the International Space Station, just one aspect of learning the mission, hazards, living conditions and purpose of the ISS program. Team members were assigned specific roles of mission control, communications, commander, inventory and equipment. Cadets had 25 minutes to collaborate and “fix” the ISS; their feet were on the ground, but cadets were tethered and wore bulky clothing as if they were in space.

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Tour Pinkerton Academy

Pinkerton Academy is distinguished among high schools for its modern and historic facilities. Click here for a virtual tour of Pinkerton.

If you require an in-person tour of Pinkerton, please email tours@

Where Do I Go? Who Do I See?

Parents and students may find it helpful to consult the chart linked here to learn Who to See and Where to Go for any given issue. This aid should help address most issues related to students and school.

Attention runners! Register now for our 5K race to be held on May 17, 2014. Runners and walkers are welcome. The first 100 registrants receive a race t-shirt!

Hypnotist Paul Ramsay Visits Pinkerton

Hypnotist Paul Ramsay returned to Pinkerton today, bringing his extensive background in both education and hypnosis to students. Hypnosis is a useful tool for changing habits like smoking and overeating, and it can also help people remove phobias, reduce anxiety, and manage chronic pain. Paul helped show how hypnosis can help you change your life!

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English-Teaching and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education from the University of NH. Paul taught English at a public high school, then entered the world of student affairs by returning to his alma mater and working in Residential Life. Whether in the classroom or on campus, Paul's goal was always to create opportunities for people to experience transformational change and gain new personal insights. For more information about Paul Ramsay, visit his website.

One Month in Germany: Free!

Senior Tanner Shaw has won a Senior Study Award Trip to Germany: June 24 to July 25, with all expenses paid! The trip is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German.

Tanner is the first student from Pinkerton Academy to win this award. The trip includes a two week home and school stay, language classes, field trips, and special international  seminars for students learning German.

The prize results from Tanner’s superior placement on the National German Exam and his strong performance in subsequent competition. After placing in the 93rd percentile of the Level 4 German test, he next wrote an essay about his interest in the trip award, followed by a 30 minute interview in German at Dartmouth College with the Northern New England Chapter of the AATG.

Know Finance? Win $5K

Dave Ramsey's $15,000 Financial Literacy Challenge is still open to Pinkerton students until midnight on Thursday, April 24! The Challenge is an online, 20-question quiz that tests basic knowledge of personal finance.

Top scorers will be entered to win one of three $5,000 scholarships from Fifth Third Bank (for seniors) and Google Chromebooks (for underclassmen).

All high school students are eligible to take the Financial Literacy Challenge here at

Perfect Latin Scores

Two Pinkerton Academy students received Perfect Scores on the National Latin Exam.

Hayden Stinson and Greg Novotny (pictured with Mathew Olkovikas, Latin teacher), show the depth of their Latin appreciation dressing respectively as a Roman emperor and centurion.

To put this in perspective, Olkovilkas says some 40,000 students take the National Latin Test and only about 1% record a perfect score. “To have two from one school is amazing,” says their teacher.

Congratulations, Hayden and Greg!

Athletes: How To Tune Up - Thursday!

Want to play your best, run your fastest?

The tricks are not so tricky! This Thursday (April 24), learn them from Derry Medical Center’s Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian at 6:00pm in the Hackler Gym.

This free info session is part of the Life of An Astro series. Click on the photo at left for more information.

Host a Spanish Exchange Student

You can experience Spain by hosting an exchange student to Pinkerton Academy.

This fall, 20 students from Askartza Claret High School in Leioa, Spain will visit New Hampshire for two weeks.

By hosting a Spanish student, you can help assure a successful exchange experience. As with a family relationship, exchange students would be expected to join in the responsibilities and privileges of a host’s own children (as family members, not guests).

All students are 14 to 17 years old, carefully screened and recommended, and have demonstrated academic achievement, curiosity, adaptability and a good command of English. They have medical insurance coverage for their stay, their own money and are under the regular care of Program Coordinators and two teachers from Spain. Busy all week, the students would spend evenings and weekends will their host family.

Click here for more information on this exchange program at Pinkerton Academy.

Click here for an application to become a host family.

Earth Day at Pinkerton

An army of Pinkerton students deployed on Pinkerton Street and Bypass 28 for Earth Day and the school’s annual Community Cleanup.

Blue bags were visible up and down the two thoroughfare flanking Pinkerton Academy.

How many students showed up to make their worlds a cleaner place? The picture doesn’t lie. Click here!

US History Quiz Show

History and gamesmanship combined for the U.S. History Quiz Show, produced by veteran teacher Michael Gavrish.

From the stage, M.C “Mr. Gav” posed multiple choice questions about government, the constitution, election law and much more.

Students who correctly answered the Social Studies question then advanced in competition by shooting a ball into a basket.

China Meets US at Pinkerton

As part of Social Studies Week, Billy Wu explained to his fellow students the significant cultural, educational and historical differences between the United States and his native China.

From Hunan province in China, Billy noted the spicy food for which his birthplace is famous. Billy even had a spicy mix available for students to sample. Of course, some folks just had to have a mouthful, much to Billy’s amusement.

Social Studies Week: Government

Social Studies Week began at Pinkerton with what else? State government.

New Hampshire state senator James Rausch and NH Representative Betsy Burtis spoke to students in the Lecture Hall of The Academy Building. Each elected official described their roles in state government and field questions from students.

Questions included capital punishment, NH’s lack of a sales tax and the legal age for a driver’s license.

Senator Rausch represents District 19 of Derry, Hampstead and Windham. Representative Burtis serves the town of Derry in the state legislature.

Social Studies Week: Psychology Fair

One of the highlights of Social Studies Week is the annual William Cofrin Psychology Fair. Hundreds of students jammed the Shepard Auditorium all day, visiting dozens of psychologically-oriented activities during Day 1 of Social Studies Week.

The purpose of the Psychology Fair is to demonstrate and teach a principle of psychology.

Click here for a look at some of the many psychology experiments, displays and other activities at the 2014 William Cofrin Psychology Fair.

Pinkerton Accepts The Challenge (Granite State)

It’s on the Semi-Finals of Granite State Challenge after Pinkerton Academy’s victory over Dover High School in the Quarter-Finals over the weekend. The Astros jumped on the game’s early questions, securing a healthy lead they did not lose.

Final score: 335-170. Click here to watch the show.

Pinkerton was represented by Captain Ben Foley, Sara Tridenti, Jake Hudgins and Joe Ronca with Rebekah Terry and Adam DiMio as alternates. Peter Crowell and Pam Griswold coached the team.

The 2013-14 season began with 16 New Hampshire high school teams. Pinkerton will learn its opponent for the Semi-Finals on Saturday, April 26 when Keene and Plymouth meet in the other Quarter-Final match.

Granite State Challenge airs Saturdays at 6:00pm, and re-airs on NHPTV PRIME Sundays at 10:00am and 5:00pm; Tuesdays at 4:30pm and on NHPTV EXPLORE Saturdays at 11:00pm and Fridays at 7:30am.

Click here for the official press release from New Hampshire Public Television about the Pinkerton victory over Dover.

The Junior Prom: Know Before You Go

The 2014 Junior Prom will be held on Saturday, May 17 in the Hackler Gymnasium.

Click here to read the process and requirements for getting a ticket to the Junior Prom.

Click here to read the rules that apply to the Junior Prom.

Click here if you would like to bring a friend/date who is not a Pinkerton student to the Junior Prom.

Click here to get the form students need completed to bring a friend/date who is not a Pinkerton student to the Junior Prom.

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This fall, Pinkerton started a school year which marks the 200th anniversary of the Academy’s founding. Click here for a calendar of events.

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